JING Tea was founded in 2004 by tea connoisseur Edward Eisler with the aim to ‘define the ultimate tea standard worldwide’.  Hand-sourcing the finest teas from around the globe, JING is rapidly becoming an unrivalled global tea brand ; delivering a definitive experience of the world’s finest teas to the most discerning business and private customers worldwide


Edward and the team at JING have built personal relationships with the world’s finest tea farmers in China, India, Sri Lanka, Japan and Taiwan. Not only do they hand-source the finest teas and herbal infusions from specific, carefully chosen locations, they also select special, rare teas which are seldom seen outside their country of origin. JING is one of a handful of companies that ensures high quality at each and every stage of processing by sourcing their teas directly from producers and packing at source wherever possible.


JING defines the modern tea ceremony, sourcing exceptional tasting teas, served with elegance, simplicity and confidence. Travelling thousands of miles each year, JING sources definitive examples of Asia’s finest teas for the most sophisticated and discerning guests worldwide.


JING are The Hospital Club's exclusive supplier of tea. We have teamed up with them to bring you a little range of their products.



One Cup Teapot Set

Glass One Cup Teapot Set

As used in Heston Blumenthal's award winning The Fat Duck and featured in his "Fantastical Food" television series.
Japanese Teaware Set

Japanese Teaware Set

Hand-made from beautiful but robust white porcelain, this set includes five cups and a Yuzamashi bowl...